Jocelyn Nicole

We are happy we chose CST to invest our money in for the future of our son! We have another boy on the way and will be soon adding him. Very personable staff as well. We love Ellie Twork! Also our son is turning 9 this weekend and he loves that they send him a birthday card every year since he was 3 :)

Vicki T

I had scholarships with CST for both my kids and the one for my second child just matured and we just received his funds. It was always an easy process and customer service is great. Thanks

Nicole Pietsch-Bell

Theo is 2 weeks old and I’m excited to start saving for him! Fran was great to chat with and was so informative on everything ! I learned tones and I feel good starting an RESP for my son with this company!

Carla Olson

We highly recommend CST to any family that is wanting to secure their child's future education! We have been very pleased with the communication and service, which has included face to face consults, telephone calls, and online help. Our oldest daughter is entering her fourth year of University, and our middle child is beginning College this fall. When the plans mature, the money is there, is quite simple to access, and the EAP payments are so helpful! There is also a lot of flexibility when withdrawing the funds. This plan for sure has met, and even exceeded our expectations!


We signed up and did a CST Plan for all three of our children when they were babies, when it was the best time to start. We had no idea at that time if this would pan out for us and more importantly for them. Well it worked for everyone, knowing that the money was there for them for university helped motivate them to get their degrees. Two of our kids went to universities in the USA, thank goodness we had these. Can't recommend this CST Plan strongly enough. Now there is increased flexibility than when our kids went. Thanks Canadian Scholarships

Kara-Lee Bronson

Excellent company, I am a graduate of the plan and both of my children are enrolled. Very flexible and guaranteed returns.

Ellen Laryea

CST is a great company. My first child education plan matured 3 yrs ago. I had no difficulty in getting the information or getting the fund to the school and the part that goes into my account. The customer service was excellent everything went well for me. I will buy from them any day any time if I have to do it again. Excellent experience!

Diana Giannone Mauro

CST has been a great investment in our 2 children's education! Service has always been 110%, prompt payments, great return on our invested funds & a very professionally run company! Thank you to everyone involved!

David Hill

My experience with CST has been excellent. Well informed managers and consultants, excellent plan performance even during economic down terms and not to mention the added benefit of extra money from accounts that were prematurely terminated. The 4 year EAP payments were more than expected! I’m very glad we decided to go with CST for our RESP plans.

Muhammad C

Very well managed plan to secure funding for your kids college education. Definitely recommend parents of young kids to look into it and start saving from today. I'm glad I started early.


I would suggest that all families need to really think hard about their children’s education. I have seen tuition get more and more each that when the kids finally finish school they are so far in debt it doesn’t help when they also need to start looking at their future. I started my granddaughter’s educational fund with cst when she was a week old. She is now 14 and is thinking about what she wants to do and what to take in college or university. The consultant that came to see me was very informative and helpful. I’m just really glad I did it!

Bernard N

Investing your RESP with CST is a conservative, safe and good return approach compared to other high risks investment plans. I recommend joining CST and put your trust in their management expertise.