Refer your family and friends to CST Consultants so they can get a simple, stress-free way to save for education. We offer multiple plans to meet their needs.

The CST Advantage

Choosing a CST RESP means deciding how much to contribute to the RESP, and we’ll take care of the rest. Relax knowing investments are in the hands of some of Canada’s top institutional money managers.

Protecting your principal1 is the cornerstone of our investment approach. Our disciplined methodology focusses on long-term value by investing to protect customer’s principal combined with the earning power they need. It’s an approach that balances income with principal protection.

Our CST Sales Representatives are there for our customers from the day they sign up to the day their child graduates and moves on to their chosen post-secondary education. Customers can choose to reach out directly to their Sales Representative, log on and access our self-serve tools, chat with the Customer Experience Team online or on the phone, or they can choose to call their branch office with questions. No matter what they choose, we will offer knowledgeable, efficient, convenient service.

Why Choose CST RESPs?

Parents choose CST RESPs specifically, for a lot of reasons.

More Than Fifty Years of Dedicated RESP Experience

Initially created as a non-profit organization in 1960, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation led a movement to make post-secondary education accessible for all Canadians. More than 57 years later, the Foundation remains focused on helping families manage the high costs of post-secondary education through the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans (CST RESPs) exclusively distributed by CST Consultants.

Investing to Protect Principal

Your RESP principal1 is deposited to the Royal Bank of Canada, which is then invested in stable and secure fixed-income securities like government and financial institution bonds, avoiding unnecessary risks with your investment towards your child’s education. The portfolio managers used to invest your RESP funds are among the Top 40 institutional money managers in Canada.2

Pooled Savings

CST RESPs have over $4.7 billion in assets3 for over 254,000 Canadian families.4 Pooling money with other families lets customers benefit from expert investment management more affordably, rather than investing alone.

Sales Charge Refund

CST Group Savings Plan 2001 is the only group RESP with a funded sales charge refund account, and qualified students can get a bonus4 on top of their investment income after maturity with group plans.

  1. Principal is contributions less sales charges and fees
  2. Top 40 Money Managers, Benefits Canada November 2017.
  3. 2017 Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans Audited Financial Statements.
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  5. The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation annually allocates the General Fund balance as a Group Plan Bonus to eligible beneficiaries across all scheduled education assistance payments. Refer to the Prospectus for additional information.

Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans are only sold by Prospectus. Investors should read the Prospectus before making an investment decision because it includes important detailed information